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sa-li-ence - A pronounced feature or part; a highlight

Journal with Mathematical Word Play

Frquently updated with thought provoking ideas. Or more honestly, a place where I will infrequently post updates or thought fragments. Everybody has one, and I am no exception.


An Image Album

Before I entered university, I was contemplating either a Computer Science degree or a Fine Arts degree. In the end, CS won out, but my love for a colour pencil kit has stuck with me. Every now and then, I like to doodle or snap a picture or two as well.



In the hopes of one day getting massive amounts of money from a Venture Capitalist, I maintain numerous side projects of varying degrees of quality and completion. The most complete or interesting ones are available here for poking and prodding.

Etcetera Yield Sign

Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera

And then there is the rest of it. Things such as a sandwich that should not be eaten by anyone or a log of University expenses that incoming undergraduates may find useful.

There are other things deep within this web site, but they will have to be explored.